JK Beauty and Wellbeing Services is a mobile beauty and spa service delivering salon quality treatments to valued customers.


Our Mission and philosophy is to add some balance to our customers in a world where living in a balanced way is swiftly diminishing. Life as we see it is becoming more fast paced, so it’s paramount to get that “me time” from work, studying, domestic chores, caring for your love ones, friends, a heavy social life. JK Beauty and Wellbeing will provide professional and person centred treatments made available in the comfort of your home or your venue of choice.

Our services consist of packages of various beauty and spa treatments. We recognise that one size does not fit all and have made available options to customers to create their own bespoke packages from our treatment menu. So whatever your reason why not treat yourself, a friend, a family member or that special someone to one of our attractive packages.

We aim to:

Cater to your mind, body and spirit
Enhance the beauty in you
Encourage your wellbeing

About the Founder

JK Beauty and Wellbeing Services was founded by Jacqueline Kessie, an artistic individual with a passion for beauty and holistic wellbeing.

Frustrated about observing so many people including herself living an unbalanced life, with stress, fatigue, health issues and so on, she felt very strongly about offering solutions to support and encourage wellbeing and to make people feel good about themselves through beauty and wellbeing therapies.

Trained to a high standard, with an internationally recognised qualification, when asked the question “why the beauty and wellbeing industry”? She says “Stress is a slow and silent killer that has become the norm in today’s society and l have grown to dislike the lack of balance in the fabric of our societies, communities and our lives. Relaxation and turning a bit of focus back to self is needed in a society where there is a drive to keep on going even when the body says it’s time to rest , time to reflect and so on. Our services will contribute to wellbeing of individuals and that’s my aim”.

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