What is this treatment? 24 carat gold facial, hmmm sounds expensive? The Celebs swear by it! Where did this treatment originate from? It is said that in Ancient Egypt Queen Cleopatra maintained her beauty by wearing a pure Gold mask when she would go to bed every night. In present day Japan this has become a popular treatment and this eventually reached our western shores. This is a treatment that initially took Hollywood by storm and a lot of celebs started to have this treatment as it has great results! But with a price tag of £1000 to £1500 it may not seem very practical for your average Jane Doe or Joe Bloggs that lives down your road or high street.

However it has great Benefits – GOLD has so many benefits – It hydrates, it releases toxins, it plumps up the face and it brightens. In addition delays the breakdown of elastin in the skin which is what keeps your skin tight and firm for much longer. It drastically reduces wrinkles, immediately so it’s great for mature skin also Perfect for special occasions! It is great for relaxation and wonderful if you really want to feel like a Queen and be pampered. And if you think it’s just the ladies rushing for this treatment, you will be greatly surprised!

  24 Karat Facial, mmmmmmm Very Royal

This treatment is said to be so amazing and successful that there are just as many men opting for the treatment. Now there are various variations to this treatment but we will outline one of those we are aware of. It is quite a long treatment, lasting around 1 hour 15 minutes.

Step 1.The therapist will commence a treatment prelude making the first body contact with the client with a warming back massage using gold oil from the chosen body line as the client is seated on the edge of the treatment table. This prelude consists of gentle, soft manipulations on the back where gliding motions, kneading and gentle compressions are applied making the treatment warm and enjoyable and focusing on encouraging the client to relax. The gentle body oil provides the body with pure 24 carat gold along with jojoba oil, vitamin E and spilanthes acmella flower extract.

Step 2. The client is invited to lie down and the therapist will start the facial by cleansing the skin with either cleansing milk for normal to dry skin or with a cleansing mousse for combination or oily skin. Gently massaging the product onto the face, neck and décolletage (upper chest & shoulders),                                                                                                        preparing the impurities in the skin to be eliminated.

Step 3. With lukewarm water the therapist rinses off all the impurities along with the product using a sponge or damp cloth, then dries the skin thoroughly with a tissue. Followed by toning the skin with a gentle tonic lotion enriched with aloe vera for normal to dry skin, or with a balancing tonic lotion enriched with pantanol for combination to oily skin. A thermal mist is sprayed over the face to provide freshness and protects the most sensitive skin thanks to its water content and licorice extract.

Step 4. Phase 1 – The next protocol is the therapist will take the phase 1A crystal diamond powder peel and use around 4 spatula tips and gently work the product onto the face, neck and décolletage. This peel works well for the removal of dead skin cells due to its diamond powder and soluble granule content. It is an exfoliant and in addition contains lactobionic acid and this is allowed to set for a few minutes in order to encourage skin regeneration, approximately 5 minutes.


Step 5 – To remove the peel, the therapist uses the Phase 1B post removal delicate gel and this is applied on all the areas previously worked on. The product is applied generously to dissolve the soluble granules of the crystal peel leaving the skin with a silky satin feel, then the product is removed with lukewarm water and the skin is dried with a tissue. Following the peel removal, another spray of thermal mist is sprayed over the skin.


*Step 6* – Phase 2 – Pure Gold sheets; In each session done with the client, the therapist uses two sheets, cut in half for application. The pure gold part is carefully placed on the skin, in areas that are most devitalised, lacking strength & vitality or on areas that requires firming. The protective paper is removed with the gold sheet remaining on the skin. The gold sheets start working on the areas as soon as they are placed.


*Step 7* – Phase 3 The therapist shakes the phase 3 Gold concentrate solution and extracts all the serum containing pure Gold particles and with a fine brush she generously applies onto the exposed Gold sheets to moisten them and continues with applying all over the neck, face and  décolletage. The therapist pours the rest of the product into her hand and works the product into the skin manually. The Gold sheet begins to dissolve into the skin. After the product is fully applied a massage is performed on the skin with gentle pumping motions to encourage lymphatic drainage. In areas where the therapist wants to boost firming and decrease wrinkles she applies more stimulation to the skin such as pinching motions.

*Step 8* Phase 4 – After the massage she continues with a Phase 4 creamy Gold mask, the entire contents is entered into a bowl with a small amount of lukewarm water added, mixed well into a harmonious texture then quickly applied to the neck and face with a thick layer that provides pure 24 carat Gold, alginates and diatoms. Once the product is applied it is left to set for around 15 – 20 minutes

24 Karat Facial, Hmmm Very Royal

24 Carat Facial, Very Royal

Step 9 – Phase 5 -The plastic mask is removed, ensuring none is left remaining on the skin. The treatment is finished off with a Phase 5 Gold care cream. In addition to Gold and spilanthes flower, this cream is enriched with ingredients such as pearl powder, milk proteins and peptidase. Finally a good enriching massage during this final phase will leave the client feeling relaxed with renewed vitality and the client will see noticeable, long lasting lifting effects on the skin!

Wow!! This is quite a pampering session! It makes you feel like booking for one! Well we know a lot celebs swear by this treatment, and we know there are many people who although not wealthy may have saved up to have this treatment and yet another set of people who may say this is way too expensive. Well expensive or not, this treatment has its proven success with lots of lasting benefits. As mentioned there is a number of variations of this treatment about; cheaper renditions, so perhaps you won’t have to break the bank after all. Till next time remember to…..Live Well

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