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The Benefits of Daily Deep Breathing… PHYSICAL WELLBEING…..LIVE WELL!!

The Benefits of Daily Deep Breathing… PHYSICAL WELLBEING…..LIVE WELL!!

“Hello JK Beauty & Wellbeing friends” we have another wellbeing tip for you”.

Deep Breathing

Breathing; We all look at this as a natural thing that we do automatically and “yes” you would be right to some point. You see, most of us are not conscious of our breathing as a result we take very shallow breaths that does not really get enough oxygen into the body and around the body.

  • Not only can breathing serve as a stress reliever that can reduce acute chronic pain.
  • It promotes relaxation and can very quickly subdue anxiety.
  • It’s the best detox for the body and promotes better health.
  • So, deep abdominal breathing is crucial for the oxygenation of the body.
"Breathe for better health"!

“Breathe for better health”!

We know that a number of our working population spend hours each day sitting down, looking at computer screens which causes tensions such as visual strain, postural strain, severe headaches, muscle tensions etc. If your work demands you sitting in front of computers for long hours focusing so intensely on the task at hand, the deadline, the project etc, this means you can forget to breathe effectively”. It’s important to oxygenate the brain particularly if you sit in front of the computer for long hours.

  • So daily deep breathing helps to relax, oxygenate the brain, makes you more focused, more time efficient, less irritable and ultimately improves your overall mood.

It is proven that stress is a core component of a lot of diseases, so anything that reduces your stress levels is good for you. 

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