9 benefits of how Massages positively impacts your Physical Wellbeing

9 benefits of how Massages positively impacts your Physical Wellbeing

Hello again JK Beauty & Wellbeing Friends, you may be out of sight but never out of our minds. We are ever committed to bringing to you valuable tips that will benefit your wellbeing for sound healthy living.So we are talking “Massages” and how having these regularly can do so much more than relaxing the body. But firstly let’s define Physical Wellbeing if indeed massage therapy is to help this area of your life.

Physical Wellbeing – In very simple terms this is your level of fitness and your ability to care for yourself. It’s wellness of your whole body which automatically links to your emotional and mental wellbeing. For example exercising greatly impacts your mood because as you exercise, endorphins are released to energize and lift your mood, impacting you not just physically but emotionally and mentally too.

Massage Therapies – The Benefits – Now massages are a rubbing and kneading of the muscles and joints and that too has a physical impact on the body as well as an emotional and mental effect. Let’s go into a deeper breakdown of the benefits of regular massage therapies.

Hands massaging the back of a woman

Full Body Massage For Wellbeing

1.Massages Relives Stress to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. A massage, just one of them is said to significantly lower the heart rate, insulin and cortisol levels that helps to reduce daily stress. When you are stressed a hormone, “cortisol” is released in the body and this can cause “High blood Pressure, cause issues with your skin and increase weight gain particularly in the core section of your body”; the torso region.

2.Massages Increases & Encourages Relaxation – helping the body to enter a Rest and Recovery Mode, sort of like recharging the body for function.

3.It Improves Posture – As massages helps to encourage healthy and natural movements.

Massage picture 3 2017

Massage Therapies For Healthy Living

4.Improves Circulation – massages will help to move blood easily through any congested areas in the body, causing new blood to flow to improve body function.

5.Massages lowers Blood Pressure – This type of therapy is a very effective way of discouraging high blood pressure naturally.

6.It loosens and Relaxes the Muscles – in the body relaxing tightness in the back and neck area, relieving muscle pain etc. It gets to the root of persistent pain and relaxes the affected areas.

7.Regular Massages Improves Flexibility – With age our joints tend to tighten making our movements restricted. Regular massages help to maintain the fluidity of our joints making them more flexible.

8.Improves Breathing – When we are stressed and worrying, constricted breathing can take place. Massages play a role in relaxing the body, relieving respiratory issues.

 Massage Therapy For Physical Wellbeing

Massage Therapy For Physical Wellbeing

9.Lastly studies shows that regular massages, Naturally Boosts The Immune System and increases immunity to certain diseases.

In conclusion If you never thought about having regular massages and adding it to your general life routine, l hope l have convinced you.

For details on massage packages email us from this site via our contact page. Till next time continue to “Live Well”

By Jacqueline Kessie (JK Beauty and Wellbeing Services)




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